Check Here if Christian Editing is the Right Choice for Your Book

With the advancement of technology, communication, and the means of editorial production, many options are available for writers to publish their books — some with unclear instructions and unexpected results. This is why we find it useful to offer prospective authors a guide for considering Christian Editing Publishing House as an appropriate option for their project(s).

Who We Are:

  • Founded in 2010, Christian Editing Publishing House maintains an esteemed reputation in the publishing industry and has a catalog of over 300 books.
  • Christian Editing combines the traditional publishing model with other modern alternatives for new or independent authors.
  • Christian Editing employs a clear vetting process to acquire its titles and is selective in its editorial acquisition and use of its publishing programs.

What We Do:

  • Christian Editing principally works to publish content created by authors and ministers of the evangelical church who see the book as a tool to edify the faithful around them and evangelize the world with a biblical message of sound doctrine. Any other writer with a positive, uplifting message consistent with the Christian Editing editorial profile can aspire to publish under its imprint.
  • Christian Editing’s editorial models are based on guidance and collaboration with authors, from the inception of their projects until long after their books are published.
  • At Christian Editing authors usually have some creative control over the format, art, and design of the book covers.
  • Christian Editing accepts unsolicited book proposals from authors without literary agents.
  • While Christian Editing operates on a mission to publish high-quality work, the author typically assumes all or shares a portion of the production costs, in exchange for royalties higher than the industry standard.
  • Depending on the pre-established contract, Christian Editing authors may or may not pay all or some of the editorial costs of proofreading, design, production, and advertising in advance or in installments.
  • Christian Editing may ask an author to pay the full cost of their print runs. The authors who do this own those physical copies and are not required to pay an additional amount when ordering copies.
  • Christian Editing has a successful assisted publishing program that includes the entire professional book publishing process, and which allows the author to retain all editorial and sales rights. It is an excellent publishing modality for an author who can market small and medium print runs of their books through their assorted ministry platforms, such as churches, campaigns, seminars, presentations, workshops, conferences, and social networks.
  • When comparing Christian Editing to self-publishing, it is important to note that self-publishing platforms are not selective in what they publish, nor are they set up to be. They are self-publishing service providers, not publishers; in a self-publishing service provider relationship, it is the author who plays the role of publisher and the company that provides the publishing services.
  • Christian Editing has wholesale distribution channels for some of its books through external distributors. These channels are not automatic for each book and are subject to the interest of the publisher and distributor.
  • Christian Editing offers distribution and retail sales of its digital publications (e-books) through external platforms.
  • Christian Editing strives to ensure that its most relevant publications are considered by bookstores, distributors, and other publishing houses.
  • Christian Editing pays a higher royalty for its wholesale and retail sales than the industry standards.
  • Christian Editing manages inventory, sales, and returns; however, in these cases, it may share some of the financial risks with the author.
  • Christian Editing is the owner of the ISBNs, and depending on the specific contract may or may not control the copyright.
  • Christian Editing profits through a combination of publishing services, the wholesale sale of physical books, the retail sale of e-books, and the international sale of copyrights.
  • Christian Editing is committed to truth and transparency in its business practices. This includes being forthright about the cost of services and providing a candid estimate of each book’s potential for commercial success. 
  • Christian Editing provides a negotiable, easy-to-understand contract for each published book. All contracts are in understandable language, and the Christian Editing team is committed to resolving any disputes efficiently and fairly. Christian Editing never misleads potential authors with false promises, inflated sales data, or manipulated reviews.
  • Christian Editing publishes according to industry standards and guarantees the editorial, design, and production quality of its books.
  • Christian Editing publishes in print and digital formats, as appropriate, and sometimes manages other publishing rights to reach the widest possible readership. Authors can negotiate to maintain their additional rights, such as publication in foreign languages, audiobooks, and others.
  • Christian Editing publishes book editions in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, and offers translation services for those languages.
  • Christian Editing takes a strategic approach to making books available for consumers, beyond the simple mechanism of uploading books to online retailers to be available for digital purchase. Christian Editing partners with distributors who have a team of sales representatives who actively market and sell books to bookstores, libraries, and other venues. 
  • Christian Editing provides the author with a marketing and sales strategy for each book they publish, including appropriate sales channels, and assists the author seeking to execute or understand this strategy to market their book to their target audience.
  • If applicable, royalties at Christian Editing are calculated based on net sale proceeds. Royalty rates vary and are established based on formats, territories, terms of sale, and distribution channels.

Christian Editing Publishing House Is Suitable for Authors Who:

  • Have a small, established platform with potential for growth.
  • Are willing to assume primary financial responsibility for marketing and advertising.
  • Want to actively participate or have more control over the creative process.
  • Wrote a book to complement their existing brand or church ministry, but not necessarily as a primary revenue driver.
  • Are interested in generating direct sales through their websites, conferences, and presentations, while expanding the reach and scope of their book(s) with their publisher.

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