Teaching for New Life, 3

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Carlos Luis Vargas
Teaching for New Life, 3
A Manual of Bible Studies for Discipling in Small Groups
Christian Discipleship

Great for:
• Groups that Meet in Homes.
• Sunday Bible School.
• Discipleship.
• Forming Believers and Ministers.
• Sermon Themes.

• Victorious Faith
• Life in the Sheepfold
• Restoring the Fallen
• Missions until Christ Returns
• Successful Families

Categories: Bible Studies, Cell Groups, Discipleship

Manual for Small Group Discipleship Bible Studies
The lessons that you have in your hands are the product of three decades of pastoral labor by the author along with twenty years of international apostolic work.
The objective of these lessons is the formation of workers, not only for ministry in churches, but also for the social transformation that our cities and world need so badly. We want to form the “Generation of Hope” that will become the governing generation that will bring healing to our planet.
We pray that the lessons in this program will help you to be a believer that grows toward God, toward your brothers and finally toward the world that desperately needs us.
Each lesson includes Bible verses with blanks to be filled in so that the student will be going to the Scriptures frequently.

Carlos Luis Vargas
Teaching for New Life, 3
Christian Editing Publishing House
ISBN 978-1-938310-72-0

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