Prophetic Ministry

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Theology and transcendence
Ramón R. Bejarano

Biblical teaching and theological formation for those who have a calling from God to prophetic ministry.

A book that will help to better understand the ministry of a prophet, especially for those who desire to exercise this ministry with greater knowledge and responsibility.

There is a need in the Church for a broader, biblical appreciation about prophetic ministry in order to avoid possible sidetracks or extremes that can affect not only the credibility, but also the very ministerial stability of those who practice this ministry.

In an extraordinary chapter, the author recounts actual prophecies that were given in Venezuela in the past, prior to the difficult situation the country faces today.

Dr. Ramón R. Bejarano, M.CC. (Canada Christian College, Ontario), D. Min. (Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena CA), has been a minister for over fifty-five years. He served as General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Venezuela for fifteen years. He was secretary-treasurer of CELAD (a fraternal organization comprised of fourteen Latin American countries) for six years, and board member at-large for nine years. He was founder and president for seventeen years of the Association of Ministers and Churches of the Federal District and the state of Miranda, in Venezuela. For over twenty-five years he has served, along with his wife Beatriz, as pastor of the church Fieles Discípulos de Jesucristo, affiliated with the Eastern Hispanic District of the Assemblies of God, in Buffalo, New York.

Ramón R. Bejarano
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